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Spiritual Guide
Spirit Animal Ceremony


Native beliefs
True Native Spirituality
Animal Spirit powers
Inviting your spirit animals into your life.
Your Birth Date Animals
Your Astral Spirit Animal Guide
Christian Animals
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Spirit Animal Ceremony
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History of Sweat
The Sweat - Lodge ceremony
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Finding your animal spirits.

Finding your spirit animals involves several very important steps:

step one:
1...Determine your Birth Date Animal.
2...Determine your Birth direction.
3...Determine your element Totem.
4...Determine your clan Totem.
5...Determine your Plant Totem.
6...Determine your mineral totem.
7...Determine your infinty color.
8...Determine your compatability spirit animal.

Step Two:
prepare your spirit vision huts.

Step Three:
Purify through smudging.

Step Four :
Assemble your Birth Animal Tokens.

Step Five:
East-West hut prayer ceremony.

Step Six:
North-South hut prayer ceremony.

Step Seven:
Upward-Downwards hut prayer ceremony.

Step Eight:
Main hut inner direction ceremony.

Step Nine:
Upward-Downward spiritual guide hut reading.

Step Ten:
North-South spiritual guide hut reading.

Step Eleven:
East-West spiritual guide hut reading.

Step Twelve :
Pufication-Smudging-Welcoming Spirit Animals into life.

Step Thirteen:
Gathering of your sacred rock totems.

Step Fourteen:
Life-long dedication to spirit animals.

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