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Spiritual Guide
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Welcome to the Gray Wolf Spiritual web site!


Come join us in learning our animal spirits !

Native Americans and many Aboriginal cultures have seven spirit Animals for the seven directions plus one birth animal spirit and two guardian spirit animals - if you know them, they can guide you through life and beyond.


If one understands true native spirituality, they know that the entire range of ceremonies and rituals are based on understanding the spirit animals and totems.

100 SWEAT LODGES without being guided by one's spirit animals is worthless.

1000 vision quests without your spirit animals to guide and advise you, is worthless.

10,000 pipe ceremomies, regardles how accurate, without your spirit animals is simply smoking tobacco.

100,000 smudges without your spirit animals is just blowing wind..

You must know and understand your spirit animals to understand your role within the great plan of the creator.

Native Spirituality is for all peoples to learn, study and master.

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