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When the Canadian government    talks about Aboriginal Self - Government, they are talking about the creation of a Caretaker Municipal Executive Administration body to oversee a portion of land they still exercise full power and authority over .
  Sadly, the Aboriginal leaders just don't seem to grasp the whole idea here ! They are, (no insult intended) either uninformed or mis-informed about what Self Government means under international law.
   Aboriginal Self Government must include the following :
1...The creation of it's own judicial system.

2...The establishment of it's own military .

3...The creation of it's own constitution.

4...The creation of it's own political system .

5...Full power under international law of the land mass it occupies within it's boundaries.

6...Full control over it's resources.

7...International trade pacts.

8...The creation of it's own treaties with other sovereign nations.

9...The creation of it's own internal security agency.

10...Full international membership in the U.N.

11...Full protection as a nation under international law.

12...Ability to control it's own watersheds and tidal waters .

13...Financial restitution from the occupation powers based on the revenue extracted illegally from it's land .

14...Right to create it's own financial institutions and monetary currency.

15...The right to establish embassies in foreign nations.

16...The right to control it's own immigration policies.

17...It's own education system.

18...Freedom from outside interference on internal matters which fall under it's constitution.

19...Ability to hold democratic elections for matters which involve the constitution.

20...The ability to exclude any other government from the creation of a democratic government .


      The Canadian government has flatly refused to allow the Aboriginal Nations their inherent right to sovereignty,although they ( Aboriginal ) were without a doubt,  Sovereign Nations in Canada for as long as the were Sovereign Nations in the New World.

    When the British Government sat down and signed International Treaties with the various Indian Nations, they were acknowledging that these Indian Nations were Sovereign Nations because ONLY SOVEREIGN NATIONS can sign Treaties under International Law !

   The only legal way these Treaties can be over-written or changed ( ratified) under International law is if :

1...the Canadian Government either sits down with the current leaders of the various Sovereign Indian Nations whose ancestors signed these treaties on behalf of their peoples, and both parties agree to either nullify them or enact mutually - agreed-upon chances to these treaties.

2...Both parties take these treaties to the International courts to debate their merits.

3...The Canadian government declares a state of war exists between the Canadian Government and the Indian Nations residing within the Canadian borders , at which time, after much bloodshed and hostilities that such an urban gorilla war would bring upon the citizens of both nations, they would sit down and sign a new peace treaty.

Summary :

  The days when the Indian peoples can be treaty like slaves in their own country are fast disappearing . No longer are they easily  controlled or manipulated like little children because of their lack of education or poor leadership.

   Today, throughout the World, the Aboriginal populations are awakening to the reality of their need to re-kindle their rightful heritage and place in the new age .

   What the Aboriginal have endured at the hands of the American, Canadian, British, French and other nations,  would never be tolerated from the so-called International community if they were committed by any civilized governments toward their citizens, yet, for over 500 years, the North American Indians were sold into slavery, murdered for land and resources, imprisoned in countless ghettos called reservations, subjected to genocide, assimilation and outright slaughter, and no government leaders have ever been held accountable .

   Less than 5 million of the 100-million Indians survived the ruthless onslaught from the occupation forces from Europe who stated they came in peace, but came as thieves and murderers and tried to eliminate the entire Indian population from day one.

  Now, with nearly 3-million Aboriginal residing in Canada, many partially assimilated into the Capitalistic citizenship, the Canadian government is saying "we want to live in peace with our Aboriginal brothers and sisters, and we want to grant them self government."

  But, they are not offering us Self Government at all ! They are offering us a token gesture made to look to the gullible Aboriginal like self-government . But, if you take the 20 minimum requirements listed here which are paramount to true self government and see which they are NOT allowing us to imply or access, you see that they are offering us what amounts to an insult .

Let's break these down :

#1..Our own judicial system !

The Canadian government insist/ demands we still follow their judicial system

#2...Our own military !

The Canadian government demands we fall under the protection (?) of their military.

#3...Our own constitution !

The Canadian government requires they are involved in approving any constitution we create, so it is their constitution.

#4...Our own political system !

The Canadian government insist they help map out our political system ( based on theirs )

#5...Control over our land and resources !

The Canadian government already imposed it's jurisdiction over the Nunnavik Government over Fishing Rights in it's ( imagined ) water resources. # 20

I could go on with each of these 20 minimum requirements for true Self Government, and the overall findings are that Canadian governments controls them all !

  What the Canadian Government wants is very simple :

  They are on Aboriginal lands illegally, and are determined to keep control of these lands through Mickey-mouse negotiations with often gullible aboriginal leaders who think that  a little something is better than nothing and often jump at the bait without much long term considerations.

  The facts of the matter are straightforward : Canada ( most of it ) belongs to the First inhabitants, the Aboriginal !  They were here as Sovereign Nations long before there was a Europe or even a Christ ! They were here when the Pyramids were being built, the Roman Empire, the Ottoman Empire and the Mongol Empire was just in it's infancy, and they will be here when this Government is long gone !

  They have suffered more than any other race who ever existed ! They were targets of racism, hatred and bigotry long before the other minorities suffered similar fates, and millions of them were sent to Europe of sold here as slaves long before the first African slave was bought or sold in the Americas, yet, they have never given-up their identity or abandoned their heritage.

  Today, there is another government who has continued the long-term efforts to eliminate the Indian Nations from this planet that began when the first European arrived on these shores. !

   It's name has changed ( Now it calls itself a Canadian , before it was the British, the French, the Dutch or the Spanish ) but the evil intentions are exactly the same as all who preceded it in the name of colonialism or capitalism, and the targeted peoples are still the same.

  We will only have true SELF GOVERNMENT when we, as a people, step forward and fight to get it back ourselves ! We will NEVER get it by going to the courts of the thieves who stole our lands and resources, begging for mercy or compassion .

  This land is ours ! It belongs to us because we are the legal heirs to it and have legal title under International law ! As such ! We must take this to the International courts if we are to stop the occupation of our lands and the raping of it's resources by foreign governments !


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