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What is the Nation Of Acadian Metis Indians ?

     The Nation Of Acadian Metis Indians is the largest off-reserve Indian organization in New Brunswick . It includes status and non-status Indians who reside off the Indian reserveation.

    It is a community of several thousand Indian people who have provided genealogical documentation to support their Aboriginal ancestry whose aims are for the access to their inherent rights as an aboriginal through constitutional law.

    The criteria for membership includes :

1...Proof of Aboriginal ancestry.

2...Self-Identification as being an Indian.

3...Acceptance by this Aboriginal community.

  It has over 40 Chiefs which represent the various villages, towns and cities under the directions of several county chiefs who represent the Grand Council of Metis Indian Chiefs.

  The Definition of each word are as follows :
Nation - descendants of the Soveign Eastern Woodland Indian Nations.
Acadian - Ancestors resided in what was Acadia during the signing of the treaties,