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      It was created as art of the racist apartheid policies directed toward the First Nations population in order to help assimilate them into mainstream society.

     The Indian act is not legal under international law ! None of the acts by the British or Canadian governments directed toward the First Nations population are legal because the First Nations are Sovereign Nations under illegal occupation and siege by foreign governments .

      What is overlooked is that the Sovereign First Nations were NEVER DEFEATED by a foreign government .

     We never surrendered or signed treaties as a vanquished nation who were beaten in a war with another government .

     This is what few Canadian citizens realize ! "That this land was and still is ours !" We hold legal title to it and it's resources under international law.

    The facts of the matter is that we held the military advantage when these treaties were signed ! We were the most powerful military force at that time.

     We lost our military edge because of sickness and famine, not because of any military defeat at the hands of the British or Canadian governments.

     And, until the Canadian government declares that a state of war exists between them and the First Nations, we are entitled to full protection as a sovereign nation under the international courts .

   So ! The Indian Act is just another apartheid policy directed toward the Sovereign First Nations by this racist Canadian government in order to steal it's land and resources .

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