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  The Canadian Off-Reserve Indian Nations, Inc. is Canadian Non-Profit Corporation with letters patent, dedicated to serving the Off-Reserve Indian Nations residing in Canada. It has a clear mandate directed exclusively to serving, in the areas of aboriginal rights, all the First Nations Peoples who reside off the federal reserves, be they known as First Nations, Métis or Inuit,  

    It is open to all off-reserve First Nations Peoples in Canada without restrictions or bias.It will create branch offices in every province and territory within the Canadian territorial borders, with regional, territorial, provincial and national chiefs who will determine the various activities for all matters concerning the off-reserve Indian Nations.

     Although it will work with any Reserve First Nation leadership or groups who share it's mandate, it will not be under the direction or influence of any outside agency or leaderships which does not support and follow it's basic charter.

     The prime reason that this corporation was created is because it was felt that no other Aboriginal body was serving the specific needs of the urban First Nations Peoples in Canada . It felt that there needed to be a no-nonsense political voice that would address the very unique concerns of the off-reserve First Nations Peoples .

     It should be clearly understood that this corporation is not some business created to make a few fat cats rich ! It is not some way to scam the off-reserve First Nations peoples or to serve the best interests of some people with First Nations DNA who possess non-aboriginal ideas or traits !

   This is an activist organization that was created to reclaim those inherent aboriginal rights that were stolen from the First nations in the 500-years since the first "non-Indians" landed on our shores. It will offer many options to the Off-Reserve First Nations population to first be heard, then they will be allowed to determine what they really are, then they will learn to understand what was stolen from them, and explore the different ways to get it all back !

     Only then, can they create a political structure to access their legal rights under international law . These steps will be developed and implemented in gradual stages until the entire format is stable and functional . It is not enough to create a few avenues for the basic needs of a few individuals . There must be a polarization of all available resources through a central focus point which can be allotted to all those in need .

  Although this might seem complicated, it is not ! We have to organize ourselves based on our numbers and locations, under local leaders, who are under regional leaders, who are under territorial leaders and finally, all are coordinated by a national council which implements a non-biased service .

   There will be many things going on at the same time ! Recruitment, registrations, mobilizations, appointments, strategies, etc.. And it will be coordinated by the headquarters located on the east coast . After it reaches a specific stage, there will be headquarters in every province and territory in Canada, staffed by Off-Reserve First Nations leaders who will oversee their operations .

   This is the first time we have an organization in Canada which is only concerned with the needs of the Off-Reserve First Nation population as one group ! It will succeed only of it has the support and participation of the Off-Reserve First Nations peoples .

   If you are an off-reserve First Nation person ( Status or non-status, Métis or non-Métis, Inuit or non-Inuit ) and wonder where you future lies, then join us today and help play your part in the struggle to reclaim what is yours, not only for yourself ( that is a non-Indian trait called selfishness ) but for your community which is the entire off-reserve First Nation population residing in Canada today.

  It is counter-productive if you try to act seperatly as a First Nation Reserve - residents, Metis, Metis-Indian, Inuit, or Urban Indian. ! That allows us to be divided and weakened ! Instead, in this organization, there are no divisions, no seperate groups, no classes of aboriginals with government imposed labels, we are all one great People , part of the great First Nations !

   The bottom-line is very simple : Our peoples had a choice to make over 100-years-ago :

1....Try to survive in the wilderness which could no longer support us do to over exploitation of it's resources by the corporate machine.!

2....Agree to exist in an air of dependency and isolation on a barren track of useless land called a reserve and the European maters would feed us while they tried to strip us of our identity.

3...Try to live on the fringes of white society as misfits who were constantly reminded that they did not belong !

  Those of us who chose to try and survive outside the ghettos called reserves were striped of most of our rights, treated as outsiders, and never, ever, accepted into the mainstream society ..Worst, when the government negotiated our rights, we were not included in these negotiations because we had nobody there to speak on our behalf, so, we lost out again !

  The Canadian Off-Reserve Indian Nations, Inc. was created so we could have a national voice on matters that effect us as a people ! We will elect our own chiefs who will speak for us at every level, and they will be heard loud and clear   That is our mandate !

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