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  The Canadian Off-Reserve Indian Nations, Inc. is a non-profit federally registered corporation with letters patent dedicated to the access of inherent aboriginal and treaty rights of all the off-reserve Indians residing in Canada, and as such, issues membership cards to it's members based on the following minimum requirement :

1.....Proof of Indian Ancestry.

( Must supply genealogical documentation to verify aboriginal ancestry ; birth, dead & baptism records, census reports, genealogical reports in books by professional genealogists, etc.. )

2.....Identify as being an Indian.

( One must identity oneself to be Indian in words and deeds .)

3.....Is registered or accepted by an Indian community .

( One must be accepted as an Indian by an Indian community such as a reserve, band, organization or institution )

4....Agrees to follow the mandate of the corporation.

( This means be willing to make a contribution to the struggle for inherent rights of all members )

Note :
  To be an Indian is no small thing ! It requires the realization that our ancestors walked this land for over 10,000-years without anything but the barest necessities which nature provided.

  Our ancestors were the greatest race to ever walk this land, they built mighty armies, great communities, a complex language and a lifestyle based on a spirituality of one with nature.

  To be an Indian is not to be taken lightly . It means that we are the only ones who can rightfully call this land our home. We are also the ones whose land is under hostile occupation by a foreign power bent on eliminating us as a people.

 That is our legacy ! The future of the Indian nations is in our hands, and we must be the masters of our own destiny as were our ancestors !