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Status & Non-Status
  This is a racist label
     The very word " status " means  the existence  of a certain category of people, in other words : If you are given the label " Status " by the Canadian Government you exist, if not, you are a non-person in their eyes !

    In 1850, as part of the government's  apartheid racist program to eliminate the rightful owners of this land, an act was passed by the government of Lower Canada which, for the very first time, listed an actual definition of what constituted an Indian under British law .

   Since the government was interested in lumping all Indians in one group to better exterminate them through genocide and assimilation, it needed to first identify it's intended victims to separate them from the non-Indian population.

 They defined Indians as :
1...Anyone with Indian blood ( DNA )
2...Anyone who married said indian .
3...The children of said indian .
4...Anyone who was adopted by said indian .

  After classifying these indians,( none being considered more or less indian back then !)
the government began a gradual process of genocide through assimilation to get rid of these indians and take control of their land and resources .

   Part of this process included the strict restriction on religion, cultural ceremonies, participation in political ventures, educational and employment oppertunties and other similar activities which seperated the general indian communties from that of their European oppressors.

   Being that the Government has never in it's history demonstrated anything but hatred for the Indian peoples, it holds that they will never deal with them in good faith unless they are forced to, either because of internal pressures or from the International courts.

  Currently, there isn't one single Indian organization which is ready to deal with the government as an enemy who is illegally occupying their land !

  Instead, every single one, without exception, is dealing with the Canadian government as a beaten people trying to grasp for a few crumbs of their land and resources .

   This is what " Status " and " Non-Status " is all about ! It is about the Indian Nation peoples turning white ! Being non-Indian in regards to their stolen rights and resources.

   It means " everyone looking-out for themselves  instead of respecting the Family of Indian Nations who lived as free people here for over 10,000 years by cooperating as one people !

    Accepting any racist label means you are a slave ! Status or Non-Status, it all means exactly the same thing ! You are just a number on the rolls of the Department Indian Affairs.

   However, remember that you are North American Indians, and should not simply be a wearer of a preferential label given to a select few who are prisoners in an ethnic ghetto !

   The ONLY FREE  INDIANS are those who broke-away from the Apartheid Ghettos called reserves ! They are free from the dependency and isolation that exist on the reserve systems in Canada, although they are outcast in the eyes of the oppressive government who has stolen their aboriginal rights . .

 They are no more of a real Indian than those on the ghettos, but they have a better chance of escaping conditioning techniques . ( remember that any time you force a segment of the population to live segregated from the rest of society, be it because of race or religion, they live in ghettos, even if you call these segregated pieces of lands reserves, they are still simply ethnic ghettos ! )

 To refer to the reserves as " ghettos " is in no way meant to demean the people living there . rather, it is the best way to let everyone know that this segment of the general population is being discriminated toward by the government who has both created and maintained these ghettos in order to control that segment of the population in order to steal their land and rights .

  Only in a Ghetto Setting can effective brainwashing ( conditioning ) techniques be successful . ( it is no accident that South Africa visited Canada in the early 1900's to learn how to set-up their own reserve system as part of their aparthied policies .)

    note * Three important aspects of conditioning ( brainwashing ) are :

        All three conditions are part of the reserve system ! ( and that was no accident ! ) And all three are necessary for the assimilation process to occur ! * The Canadian government is using assimilation to accomplish genocide toward the Indian population in order to allow them to continue living, while killing their heritage, culture, spirituality, language and very identity in order to maintain control over their lands and resources..

      The use of labels is a very powerful tool in controlling people ! It is human nature to want to belong to the main segment of the population, and all humans will comply to unrealistic demands just to maintain the " status quo ", hence the label " Status " used in dealing with Indians .

      In the case of the Indian peoples, they have been indoctrinated to make them White for over 500-years ! This came from the various foreign governments and religious encounters, until today, they are  often more white than Indian .

      So ! By attaching any label to separate them from the white population, the government knows it  leads to efforts such as unrealistic political negotiations based on white standards or systems to try and maintain the status quo in white society .
      When someone ask you are you "Status ", instead of trying to justify your legitimacy of Indianess, why not simply ask them if they are " Status White " or Status Canadian " ?

      Few Indians know what being Indian really means ! They think that it means going through motions such as Indian rituals or ceremonies, wearing outdated Indian garb, speaking some Indian dialect, or talking about the creator without knowing what that whole thing is all about .

      This organization was created to try and reach as many off-reserve Indians as possible in order to re-kindle that fire which still dwells within them, in order to awaken the power of creativity which we can all give as a cooperative family in order to again, become the Indians our ancestors once were on this, our land !

  This is not a business ! It is not a place to get something for nothing ! It is, in effect, a union of concerned peoples who do not want to sell-out their inherent aboriginal and human rights for a quick fix !
  It is the framework for a national aboriginal community where everyone is equal and respected for whatever talents they possess .

 Many will join us as whites ( non-first nations peoples or Indians )! They will join to see what they can get for free !
  They will be the first ones there with their hands out looking for a piece of the pie ! And some will live a better life as a pretend Indian than they could as whites, and that cannot be avoided !

   We can't instantly reverse the 500-years of European assimilation overnight ! It takes time to retrace our steps until we rekindle that identity that our ancestors possessed .

  However, that is the price we have to pay to succeed in our quest for self determination and self government as a sovereign nation .

  Before we can save our family, we have to get them involved in our activities. If that means that we have to accept them even though they are thinking like non-indians, that is how it must be .

  That is why the government issues " Status " cards to the reserve Indians ! It is not because they want to help them, but because it will encourage those off the reserves to return there in order to survive, and then, they too ! can be subjected to the same brainwashing techniques .