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  A TREATY is how Sovereign nations do business

Treaties can only be signed by sovereign nations under international law .

   There are several types of treaties :
Territorial ( over land and boundaries ),

regional ( over international issues ),

International ( over peace & friendship )

    Under International law, the only way that treaties can be nullified or changed is if both signing nations agree through what is known as ratification to modify the treaties.

   Between the early 1600's and the late 1800's, there were several International treaties signed between various First Nations and the British Government over land and resources which are still legally binding .

    What has occurred since the signing of these treaties, is that the British and Canadian governments have ignored or broken all of these treaties in order to steal the land and resources from the Sovereign First Nations whose ancestors signed these treaties .

    They have implemented or initiated an apartheid genocide policy of assimilation and slavery by making the citizens of these Sovereign Indian Nations wards of the state in order to enslave them and confine them to linguistic and ethnic ghettos where their rights are repressed or restricted.

    Since the policy was of genocide through assimilation, instead of outright war, the leaders of these First Nations never surrendered their rights or accepted their plight as an acknowledgement of  surrender .

   Today, we are here to re-open this situation.

To find out if we are ready to surrender as a people, or engage in a real war of attrition to overturn this current state of slavery, persecution and enslavement which has been imposed upon us .
  We hope to access our treaty rights through the court systems or by acts intended to awaken the corporate masters to our plight,