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( or a WINDIAN ? )


  Just what does it mean to be an Indian ? Is is the verification of Aboriginal DNA, a few feathers, an Indian name, the ability to go through traditional ceremonies and rituals, leather garb, or maybe living on a reserve ?

   These things are often associated with being an Indian, but they are just for outside appearances or to access certain benefits or rewards not afforded the non-Indian population .

   Being an Indian is much more than the above-mentioned ! It is much more than carrying a card from the Canadian government stating you have " Status " or even being able to access some of the treaty rights.

  Being a true Indian means you know and respect the ways of the creator and your ancestors . It means you know who you really are in a world of make-believe .

    It means you actually respect your culture, community and people . And that you understand what it was within your ancestors that allowed them to survive on this land for over 10,000-years or longer without outside assistance or influences.