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Christian Animals


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Many people are unaware that the Christian religion believed in Spirit Animals as well as most early religions;

Here are the animals associated with Christian Saints :::::

Spiritual Guide

Many of the saints of Christendom are identified by an animal symbol.

If you don't feel a rapport with the animal totem based on your zodiacal sign, or the Native American Spirit Animals, perhaps you may decide that if a particular creature was good enough for your patron saint, it is good enough for you.

Bear: St. Gall
Bee: St. Ambrose, St. John Chrysostom
Birds: St. Francis of Assisi
Blackbird: St. Kevin
Boar: St. Cyricus
Bull: St. Luke, St. Thomas Aquinas
Camel: St. Mennas
Cock: St. Peter, St. Vitus
Cow: St. Brigid
Crow: St. Anthony
Doe: St. Withburga
Dog: St. Dominic, St. Hubert,St. Bernard
Dove: St. Ambrose, St. Gregory
Dragon: St. Margaret of Antioch, St. George
Eagle: St. John the Evangelist
Fish: St. Anthony of Padua
Goose: St. Brigid, St. Martin
Lamb: St. Agnes, St. John the Baptist
Lion: St. Mark, St. Jerome
Mouse: St. Gertrude of Nivelles
Otter: St. Cuthbert
Pig: St. Anthony of Egypt
Salmon: St. Kentigern
Snake: St. Patrick
Stag: St. Eustace, St. Giles
Swan: St. Hugh of Lincoln
Whale: St. Brendan
Wolf: St. Edmund of East Anglia,

The early Algonquin Indians accepted the Christiam missionaries because both shared a belief in Spirit Animals, and the fusion of both religious beliefs led to a workable model that lasted over 200-years.

Eventually, all traces of native spirituality were eliminated from this hybrid spiritual movement, and modern day natives are nearly 100% christians.