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Spiritual advisor


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Billy "Longbow" Cherokee Elder

Spiritual Guide

We are happy that Billy "Longbow", an elder of the Cherokee tribal nations who now resides with his wife Gladis in Billings, Montana has joined several native spiritual leaders who offered to help the Gray Wolf band in the role of Animal and spiritual tutor if there is a need.( His protege, Lone Elk, who resides in Edmonton, Alberta, has offered to visit the Gray Wolf Band to teach aspects the Cherokee spirituality if there are unforseen difficulties. )
Currently, a sacred medicine bundle and totems has been forwarded to Wiskipkpaqtism from another Spiriual Guide and Elder from the west coast, in order to conduct the basic spirit animal process.

And a native healer from Vancouver has helped in that area of native spiriruality.

Gray Wolf in now in regular correspondence with both Billy " Longbow" and another west coasy elder who is assisting him conduct the various ceremonies, while Lone Elk is in regular correspondence with Ulysse Gauvin to organise various aspects of a possible meeting in the future. ( these correspondences are via the telephone and through emails )

It should be pointed-out that Gray Wolf is still in contact with spiritual leaders from Vancouver who are also offering usefrul advice on spirit animals and totems.

These spiritual leaders respect the fact that Gray Wolf holds a doctorate in theology ( advanced study of religions and spirituality ), was a legally ordained christian minister, and a high priest of a sect of the Japanese Shinto religion, and is highly knowledgable about native spirituality, in particular, the area of spirit animals, power animals, and cosmotology.

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