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Layout of ceremony


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Here is a layout of the spirit animal ceremony


Spiritual Guide

NUMBERS and what they mean= the sequence you follow in this spirit animal ceremony:
1...Enter the East-West Prayer Hut to ask for guidance.
2...Enter the North-South Prayer Hut to ask for guidance.
3...Enter the Upward/Downward Prayer Hut to ask for guidance.
4...Enter the Main hut to get your animals and learn about your inner spirit animal
5...Pass the drum, go into the Upward-Downward Spirit guide hut to learn about our upward and downward spirit animals.
6...Enter the North-South Spirit Guide hut to learn about your North-South Spirit Animals
7...Enter the East-West Animal Spirit Guide Hut to learn about your East-West Animals
8...Go to the Fire to pray and communicate with your spirit animals and to see if your directions are in harmony and balanced.
9...Leave the Animal spirit compound to join the world alongside your animal spirits.

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