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Inviting your spirit animals into your life.


Introduction | Native beliefs | True Native Spirituality | NINE-DIRECTIONS | Animal Spirit powers | Inviting your spirit animals into your life. | Your Birth Date Animals | Your Astral Spirit Animal Guide | Christian Animals | Spiritual advisor | Spirit Animal Ceremony | Layout of ceremony | Sacred Colors | Vision Quests | History of Sweat | The Sweat - Lodge ceremony | Direct Fire Sweat Lodge | Contact Me

Once you have found your spirit animals for your 7-directions, you can recognise them in the campfires, the sweat lodges, on your vision quests, in your dream quests, during meditation, reflections, or chanelling exercises.

Your spirit animals have always been with you, but, you did not know them, so, their message fell on deaf ears.

Now, you can reach out and ask them how to use your life to fulfill your obligation as a native american.

Spiritual Guide

You might need a spirit animal guide to help you understand these signs, maybe to find them in youir daily life, but, once they are identified and understood,you become the medium between this world and beyond through your spirit animals.

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